Fairy Godmother Tycoon

Pirates Cove:
If people do not come to your store, you need to spend some money on marketing.
Flying Monkeys usually do the trick.
Piggytown Tips:
- The troll persuasion compared to pigs
- A preacher in front of bulls and a big baby
- A bulletin board troll by your store
- You need to make an investigation and borrow from loan shark godmother
will pay off once
- Update the manufacturer's warehouse your potion
- The only spells you need silence and the flying elephant.
- Maintain good prices so you will have happy customers
- Make sure you buy enough ingrediants I think this city has 100 or 150
people to try to keep enough if you are about to run out of use
elephant to do more.
- You do not have to worry about paying the lender actually just came back Cash 4000 .. only pay when you can.
- Chicken Lips are the most difficult to maintain in existence and I think most p exspesive