Thief - Deadly Shadows

Easy Money:
Go to a metal fence, buy and sell all your loot. Go to your landlord Stash
Heartless near Perry. Open the bag of coins (worth 50 g), and then go to the city and
pickpocket purses of the citizens by surprise. Whenever you have a bag that say
worth 25g, but it really is worth 50 g. You can only do it once a night.
Coin Collecting as you can. Once the bags are sold to a fence, any other
Coin collecting tonight will be the value of its normal amount.
Defeating Keeper Guards:
Use a mine or be very careful when sniping Keeper Guards. If sniping, you have to hit
on the back of the head. If you are careful enough, try betrayals
them, because the baton has no effect on them.
Highs from the article:
Fishing gear and items purchased to be used in Thief 3. Do not go to great lengths to save items
If you think you can keep alive and undiscovered, but do not lose them alone
guards or civilians who can not defend themselves.
Typically, the team may bring up Garrett is:
Health POTIONS = 10
Broadhead arrows = 30
Matraques = 5
Water Arrows = 25
Moss Arrows = 20
Gas arrows = 5
Fire Arrows = 15
Flash bombs = 20
Explosive Mine = 5
Gas Pump = 5
Oil bottle = 5
When the product Garrett to pick up another item when its maximum capacity, the element
"lifted", but added to the inventory. Make sure you have space before you start
grab objects or are losing well-earned loot!
Do not Leave angry:
Because the stages are divided into separate maps, you are in transition
from one side to another. If you are being chased by a guard, never leave the map and
I hope everything returns to normal. The guard you're still there and pursue
alerted to their presence. Always make an effort to hide on the same map you are to avoid
forgetting that a guard (or party of guards) are waiting in the map below you. The map
transitions are a good place to hide (which are almost always completely dark). Just go
the transition map and refuse to enter the next section. Garrett will stay in rating
dark, smoky portal and almost always out of the way of all patrols.
Free Water Arrows:
You can get free water arrows in the training mission (which later moved to
missions) by waiting for the torch off the exercise for water crystals to keep recurrence.
Before leaving the Inn Blue Heron forever, you may want to take their fill of 25 water arrows,
a long way to help keep costs down purchases.
Large arrows:
For wide open head arrows, go to the tavern in the market square where the stone should not
3 guards, one with a bow, upstairs. Get rid of the ground floor guard. After that
run and jump behind the bar, the guards upstairs may come after, but can not get
behind the bar. The one with the bow can shoot at you, so bent up behind the bar and wait
ready for his arrow, and then fight for a second and tilted downwards, will bid farewell to his
arrow on the bar and you can complain. Repeat this for any arrows full width.