The Maw

Points of interest:
The fireflies that pul.lulen blue in places with things of interest.
Snuffle Sites:
Snufffles can be found at the following locations.
* Crash Site: There is another giant gray rock on the opposite side of the great
area that contains three floors of fire. You can use your belt to get them out of l '
the road. Follow the road today where a Snuffle is exposed to grazing.
* Valley Bulb: Immediately back to the start level. Pull the gray
Giant rock out of the way to reveal a Snuffle trapped in a cage in the crash
Bounty Hunter ship. After Maw has eaten bulbs and the Queen transformed into the
energizing Maw, use the new ability to download a worm meebo. Enjoy the new
Snuffle cage. Views of the cage with Meebo power to disarm the cage.
* ChainDown: After Maw has the ability to fire, burn two production blocking
the secret path in the canyon the ground. This leads to another Snuffle.
* Dirtlands: Get the ability Pufftor globe. Enter the rock and gray water
beyond the section of mushrooms. There is an air duct that blows air toward the left. Use
that to get another blast of air to blow into a small plateau where a
Snuffle is trapped in a cage Bounty Hunter. Use Maw Slam ability to break
the cage.
* Looferland: After Frank Maw mounted laser capabilities with Loof's shooting
and destroy large section of the aircraft crashed near the path leading to Green
area level. Now you will see an impact crater which is caught in a Snuffle
another cage.
* Tables: There is an air duct near the tower sensors. Get the balloon Pufftor
skills, then jump to a ledge on the air duct. Use Maw Slam
Snuffle ability to get out of his cage.
* Beetull Smash: Get Beetull capacity. There is a shelf of rock beaching
the center of the open area in the third section in which are blocked by
another red door. Make Beetull charge that Maw and ram the platform. That
launched in Snuffle was at the top of the platform to ground.
Mini towers:
To be connected to the Maw. That runs in front of you while approaching a mini-tower.
Because going to shoot first Maw, who is now a shield to get to Frank
turret faster.
Find boats:
To find some of the ships that are chained Maw, returned to his mother and follow the
Laser straps for each boat.