Army Men Game

The manner of tricks:
Press [Alt] + [Backspace] during game and enter one of the cheats.
Code Result
2000 Electricity - zap me
5000 Plastic - Plastic Fantastic
The team colors at random on a map - Color Me Stupid
5 paratroopers free - Ahoy Captain Dan
Increase power - later expelled
Units so strong - Brainsick
Invincible Troops Green - Do not touch me
Major Battles:
Getting a gold medal in the indicated campaign mission to unlock the great battle.
Basement baloney (Great Battle 3): Campaign mission 2 Bathroom
Blitz (great battle 4): Campaign mission 3
Blind Pass (Great Battle 2): Campaign mission 1
Flooded Follies (great battle 5): Campaign mission 4
Sandbox Shenanigans (great battle 8): Campaign mission 7
Tricycle Betrayal (Great Battle 6): Campaign mission 5
Hidrovia War (Great Battle 7): Campaign mission 6
Special Operations:
Getting a gold medal in the indicated campaign mission to unlock the Special Operation.
Take-off! (Special Operation 8): Campaign mission 15
Hostage situation (Special Operation 7): Campaign mission 14
Lord of the Ants (Special Operation 2): Campaign mission 9
Midnight Snack (Special Operation 1): The mission of the Campaign 8
Road Block (Special Operation 5): Campaign mission 12
Sandy Breach (special operation 3): Campaign mission 10
Some are hidden so (Special Operation 6): Campaign mission 13
This ancient fortress (Special Operation 4): Campaign mission 11
Locate the bases and the men before they face:
Go to menu "Build". Select any building. Move until you see red
square, where you can not place them.
Review of death Substitute:
The voice in the background says different words before dying with some soldiers.
Whenever a unit dies, the voice says "Unit lost". However, whenever someone like
as Riff, sergeant and other soldiers with names die the voice says: "Man Down!".
One Man Army: Army Men RTS reference:
Select a few units and move toward the northwest where there is a basis of Tarazona. Destroy
if desired. Go left at the opening of which is almost blocking the
shape how the "X" is on the map. You must find a weapon Boost on.
Obtain, if necessary. While the units are standing slightly in front of so
pillow things where you power-up, may be able to see a few school
binders stacked with a box lunch at the summit. You may need to get the view above.
Once you see it, you'll see an image of the Green and soldiers of Black Men
fighting each other in Army Men RTS.
Green troops invincible:
Have your troops invincible green. What you are writing is not playing Sposta
me. Getting to typeing the code is pushing ALT + Backspace.
Hex editor:
Well, do u like break-dance, we'll give ua break-dance in this game. Open
hex editor, edit the file amrts.exe, go to line 0047F65D, change
89 4A 04 to 89 4A 03. That's all now in the game, make the units move to
see a show!
Note: You can change or 04-00 -> 04, do not try to change it over b / c u'll
cause an accident!
The radio operators:
You should not carry a radio operator with his men that use it. You can keep
him in his base, where is safe and the use of air strikes can be called as
his men are attacking a target.