Amateur Surgeon


How for Eddy past:
Eddy is the first man who really needs the corkscrew. Here's how you do it
it. Select the corkscrew, the medicine for pain. Then click and hold,
and follow the thing that is turning red around where you clicked
while holding down the mouse down. Make sure the mouse is always
the red spot, if you were not the type to hurt or create a small cut. That
increases your heart rate if you do well. Get rid of all the chips, then
chainsaws in the neck only the dotted line and remove piece by piece
with tweezers.
At Horrace, you open it, set your heart
stapler, lighter and goo ReLive pain. Then the errors come out.
Take batterey and ZAP errors one by one. Patch him once
again, then proceed to open it more, and you
must use the cut x-ray where the figure is dark, and then get
the batterey once its open. ces of opening up a big mistake coming Yello
Zap him and out. perform this procedure repeatedly until all errors have disappeared.