Zoo Empire Game


Zoo Empire Game Cheat Codes:
During the game press the following command:
Result Code
SHIFT + ALT + C - $ 100,000
SHIFT + ALT + W - Get the big picture
SHIFT + ALT + L - Unlock all scenarios
Shift + Alt + A - Classification Zoo is 100
Shift + Alt + N - All animals released
Shift + Alt + I - All visitors who do not live in a zoo
Shift + Alt + S - (Zoo Challenge only) All Reaserch complete
all prizes and all the animals locked in their character
Special animals:

Top Blogs

You can unlock the animals like the Asiatic Black Bear, Wild Przwlaski's
A horse, albino gorilla, Chinese Alligator, research, etc. of the strongest
fence and go to the bottom of the list of animals. All that after
Chinese alligator are the ones who can unlock unlock during the
scenarios. Rainforest Zoo is Przwlaski Asian Wild Horse and Black
Bear. Condition: Critical has the albino gorilla and Asian Black Bear.
Special terrain maps:
You can also unlock special terrain maps to complete the scenarios.
For example, Rainforest Zoo DESB