Wanted - Weapons of Fate


Wanted - Weapons of Fate Cheat Codes:
Unlockable Characters:
To play as any character besides Wesley or Tails, the defeat
character (any difficulty). Here is a list of characters:
* SWAT Leader
* The Russian
* Brummel
* The Original Spider
* The Immortal
Unlockable Nightmare:
Beat The Game In Close Combat Mode to unlock as a playable Nightmare
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Enter one of the following binary codes to unlock the trick
option. To use a cheat, pause the game and turn in
the Code of accessories "menu. When a stunt is enabled, which
particular chapter will not be available for replay after
The game has been completed.
01010111 - opens Plane Bodyguard
01110100 - Unlock Cinematic mode
01100101 - Close Combat Mode opens
01010100 - Cross opens
01001100 - opens Health Improvement
01101101 - opens Infinite Adrenaline
01101111 - Unlocks Infinite Ammo
01000100 - opens Janice
01110010 - opens one shot one kill
01100001 - Special opening Suit
01001111 - Unlock Super Weapons
01000011 - opens Wesly
01100111 - Headshot Mode
01000100 - Unlock message: "Use DVD 01000100"