Powder Game

Powder Game cheat Codes:
Press the "CTRL" + "F5" to open the console then type "LSC" in
console, is to change the color of the laser treat numbers 1-9.
Tons of particles by drag:
1-Make a little clone of the clone and the particle you want to have a lot
by virtue of resistance.PC GAMES
Now place 2-under Drag the left and right clicks.
3-some left-click drag, and then move it away, and quickly the right mouse button.
You should have received the lowest entrainment of particles.
4-Now release the right mouse button, and all particles have to remain under drag
if the left click to celebrate. Right click under particles not
drag again, and they must be towed.
Repeat this process until you have desired amount.
Ultra laser:
1: Get a wheel.
2: Using fan to spin the wheel continuously.
3: Once the wheel turns, add any dierection laser.
(after the laser is fired at dierection you like, you can not change
unless all erease laser turning the wheel.)
Glitch - Drag trick:
1. Drag ICE.
2. No problem, right?
3. Add MAGMA.
4. Water will continue to drag their field.
(the area where he tried to drag the ice.)
Defective square:
PEN first time online, click Metel 1 and PEN-S, make a square and
LASER shoot diagonally from 30 to 40 seconds. (must have a duration of 35 seconds)
Player Weapons:
1. Put nothing in the list below the player and his head is Lit
the substance and then press down (or S for 2 players) and will roll out such a substance
their eyes.
List: Powder, water, fire, seeds, Ant, bombs, gunpowder, Fan, Stone, Superball, fireworks, petroleum,
Virus, Gas soapy.