Pokemon Indigo


Easy o make money:
You must have a pikachu. learn to stop and focus punch beam (option). Buy
the ball of light in the double pokeshop your pikachu's sp attack. Wallace battle
again and again. this should be easy cause pikachu's sp attack is doubled. end
luvdisc, whishcash, Seaking, milotic and deadly lightning! to seal,
You can use focus punch for greater damage or you can use lightning.
You get $ 925 CI 6951 and XP. Sweet eh? you can let your weaker pokemon for the
final blow to make them level up easily! PC GAMES
Raising any level pokemon:
If you have a really low level pokemon just send your best weaken
the pokemon you're fighting then send the low level pokemon and kill all that i
ways to do your awsome.
Battling the same team again and again:
If someone else in his battle deafet him and after that go to the pokemon center and
recover your pokemons then click the blue arrow to the right at the top of your computer
then would face the same person that you can do deafeted and again to
more money and exp!
For more pokemons in pokemon indigo game:
How to unlock unlockable
Lugia - Subsea Zone
Darkrai - Exploder or get up to 9999999 EXP
Mewtwo - Exploder or get Venasaur, Blastoise and Charizard lvl.100
Ho-Oh - Exploder or receiving orders and obtain the strong CAD 999999911245573
Shaymin - Get all the elements of pokeshop or Exploder
How to defeat a low level pokemon:
must first find a person who has these pokemon in this order:
1.Any level 100 pokemon
2. any low level pokemon
3.same as 2
4.same as 2
5.same as 2
6.same as 2
Now, you must first defeat the pokemon level 100 with a strong pokemon to defeat
the pokemon will get about 4000 exp and then when you go to the other pokemon
(example torkoal level 14), select your weak pokemon but do not click on the attack rather
update, and then destroy torkoal your weak pokemon. torkoal fainted when he says
exp and you will see that your pokemon will get the same exp as your strong
pokemon did against the level 100 pokemon.
Security level of the pokemon simply:
So go on any four ELETE map and find a legendary pokemon then youre leaving
high level pokemon and only beat him until you have ten or less HP then youre
which pokemon to level up and kill the pokemon then press backspace or enter F5
click again just refresh the page and then click to enter the pokemon fight
again and again until you reach the desired level.
Train your weak pokemon:
OK in the first place (when all the shots of the gym leaders) go to the elite 4
Phobos map (I think shes called anyway) ok then when you do Youve walk
for a while and then to find a zapdos capture (using a master ball).
Youve done when moving to the elite 4 sydneys map and fighting a articuno --
zapdos to be overcome (using electrick moves) when you have beaten you press update
and then when the thing is - now you are against a battleing
articuno lvl 38 with 0 hp - put a weak pokemon and kill it - youll get like 1700
Walking on water:
Go to the place where the twins are going to now go ahead and Bridge
right click to walk on water.