Platypus cheat Codes:
Wide free-kicks, Autofire, Sonic pulse, and rockets. During
the game, press the following buttons on the keyboard.
Effect Code
[Alt] + [F12] - Eight seconds invincibility
[Alt] + 4 - Free Autofire
[Alt] + 3 - Free rocket
[Alt] + 2 - Free Sonic Pulse
[Alt] + 1 - Wide Shooting Free
Press [Alt] + [F12] during game time invincibility.
Takes about 5 seconds, but you can keep doing over and over again.
Extra points:
When you shoot the enemies sometimes fruit flies in the air. Collect this
extra points for fruit or more points, throwing the fruit in
smaller pieces before they are collected.
Platypus v 1.13 - Unlock all levels and choose plane
(R) + (ctrl) to unlock all levels and click on select aircraft to the island Level3
select the plane.PC Games