Pilot Down - Behind Enemy Lines


Start the game with one or more of the following command line parameters
to activate the cheat function.

Code Result
Enemies ignore you-noperception
The enemies will be invincible-invunerableai
Free refills and not to find the pick-clips infiniteammo
Full-screen graphics in full screen mode
God mode nodamage
Invert Y-axis, as the goal and the search-invertcrosshair
Low-resolution graphics lowres
No enemy soldiers-nosoldiers
Delete all characters in AI-noai
Current set of health-health [number]
Setting skill level of resistance enduranceskill: [1-4]
Establish the ability of First Aid Level firstaidskill: [1-4]
Skill level-set Fitness fitnessskill: [1-4]
Detailed set of high-detail graphics: high
Adjust the screen resolution indica-tors: [horizontal, vertical]
Setting the minimum details, detailed graphics: low
Machine Gun Set skill level machinegunskill: [1-4]
Detailed graphics detail set half: half
Gun Set skill level pistolskill: [1-4]
Rifle skill set level rifleskill: [1-4]
Set Sneak skill level sneakskill: [1-4]
Mate Set Stealth skill level stealthkillskill: [1-4]
Setting skill level of force strengthskill: [1-4]
Skip missions before the introduction of the comic-skipcomic
Software's sound-soundsw
Based on software vertex processing swvp
Stop loading game-skipgui
A 16-bit 16-bit mode
Change the text to Spanish, French, Italian, or German language: [language name]
Cycle through the levels loadalllevels -
Disabling the graphical user interface and HUD-nogui
Turn off the music in the game-nomusic
Toggle mouse mouselook20 aspect, 30
Window graphics window mode
during playback, press F11 then the game will be getting a menu,
this will help you do less damage to your player, cold weather protection etc.