Petz - Catz 2


Fleeing monsters:
You can escape most monsters if you are running at full tilt.
Polar Fields:
Stay in the hot springs until you are too hot. Can
now active longer.
Unlock the Tiger cat:
Enter this code to unlock the Tiger Cat: eutmfj
Replaced or returned runaway pet
Adopt a pet that is exactly the pet you want
bring back. Bring your pen and select the "Petz" section
in your toolbar. Select "Copy Petz" and then click on the pet that has just
adopted. Instead of clicking "Save", choose "Runaway Pets"
or "Returned Petz", depending on the pet if it hopes
was left behind or returned. Do not press [Enter].
Instead, go back to where it started (while in the "Copy
Petz "screen) and select the 'Approved Pet.
If done correctly, all the names of pets that currently owns
should appear on the screen. Select the "Save" to get your
pet back.