Pathological Cheat Codes:
This is editing a file. Make sure you create a backup before changing
the contents of the files that come with a screw to re-install.
Return to Game "data" directory and search to find a file called config.ini
Open the file with Notepad or equivalent text editor and locate the string
section [General].
Insert the line EnableConsole = 1 and change the value of ShowConsoleLog = 0
ShowConsoleLog to = 1 Save the file as one INI file config.ini.
Now find a second file called init.cfg (same directory).
To add a key bind according to the function you want to use. For example:
f1 god bindcmd
bindcmd f2 fly
f3 fly bindcmd
bind and slow
Normal or force
If you have ShowConsoleLog = 1 before changing the configuration file, you see the
effect of the codes on the bottom left corner of the screen when you press a key.
Save and close both files (INI files) and start the game.
Here are the codes you can use if the key is bound (assigned) to it:
god - invulnerability
fly - fly
fly - on foot
id_.player - retrieves the ID number of your player, coordinates
and address
id_.trace - retrieves the identification number of the actor-led
$ ir scene - teleports the player to the scene as $ "go Sobor" (go to 'Sobor' map)
map - retrieves the name of the current scene
slow - slower game, a sort of bullet time effect
normal - back to normal speed
with - regains IDs of all players currently in the view
Articles id_actor $ - returns the list of objects in the inventory of $ id_actor
AddItem id_actor $ $ $ count - $ added to the inventory of $ id_actor
the account equal to $ ($ count defaults to 1)

$ items.xml list is the file that is inside the file called World.vfs
You may be able to uncompress WINZIP or similar decompression programs
(or simply explore the darn thing).

propl $ $ $ value - see below
propf $ $ $ value - change the ownership of the selection of actors to
value used

Properties of a valid value:
health - health. maximum value: 1.
tiredness - fatigue. maximum value: 1.
hunger - hunger. maximum value: 1.
disease - infection. maximum value: 1.
reputation - reputation. maximum value: 1.
money - the amount of money
Note that the players are not just people or animals. Doors and other objects inanimated
are also actors. For instance locked = 1 - means the door is closed, locked = 0 --
means door is open. This way you can open any door anywhere.