Pariah Cheat Codes
Extra levels:
Select "Settings" option in the main menu. After that, select the
"Cheat Codes" option. Then, either: Enter EBpwnz to unlock exclusive
EBGAMES multi-player level or to enter to unlock the exclusive GameStopPwnage
GameStop multi-player level.
Cheat mode:
Press ~ during game play in single player mode to display the console window.
Then enter one of the following codes.
Effect Code:
God mode - god
No clipping mode - ghost
Flight mode - fly
999 ammunition for all weapons - allammo
Establish a field of view, the default is 70 - fov
First-person view - behindview 0
Third person view - behindview 1
Suicide - Suicide
Bots in multi-player game - addbots
Spawn WEC; for upgrading weapons - calling VehicleGame.WeaponEnergyCore
Weapon Upgrades:
Healing Tool
Fast Injector - Faster doses mean faster health restore.
Increases health - adds one point of life.
Adrenal Boost - Adds one life point.
Fire Accelerator - Increases fire rate.
Recoil Stabilizer - Increases accuracy.
Armor-piercing - Increases damage.
Granada Release:
Remote Detonator - Increases ammo to 8; allows manual activation.
Fragment Attraction - Increases blast size and ammunition 10.
Target Leech - Increases to 12 munitions.
Rifle fragments:
Servo Reloaded - Increase the speed of reloading.
Magneto Concentrator - Creates a laser mine at close range.
Titanium Concentrators - Creates a mine closely.
Sniper Rifle:
Enhanced Vision - Highlights enemies opinion as to its scope.
Increased Ammunition - Increases ammo to 6 in magazine, 18 reserve.
Armor-piercing - Increases damage.
Plasma Pistol:
Arc Sphere - Charge weapon to unleash damage orb.
Defense Sphere - Damage orb endures longer and explodes on contact.
Explosive Sphere - Damage orb endures longer; bigger explosion.
Rocket Launcher:
Heat Seeking - Warhead heat after the celebration is aimed at promoting and firing.
Dual Warheads - Two warheads fired.
Quad Warheads - Four warheads fired.
Unlock exclusive levels
Select "Settings" option in the main menu. After that, select "Cheat Codes" option.
Enter "EBpwnz" to unlock the multiplayer exclusive EBGames or GameStopPwnage "
to unlock the GameStop Exclusive multiplayer level.