Panza Kick Boxing


Stay undefeated:
Press [Esc] after his fighter was shot down.
Game Tips:
The best move is to use superior court, round the house, put the leg down.
The low leg kick is useful to keep your opponent out of range
and the goal of a round house followed by a higher court. The
double backfist is also very powerful, and often provides a knockout
punch. If you are losing a fight, and do not have much opportunity to
recovery, and then press the Esc key to continue their statistics
Recommended moves:
Try using the upper cut, round the house, put the leg down frequently. The low
kicking leg can be used to keep your opponent out of the reach and
objective of tracking a combo, as the round house, followed by
a superior court. Double backfist is very powerful and can be
in a nockout.
The recommended configuration:
Use the following values to create a powerful boxer:
A: 34
B: 05
C: 17
D: 11
E: 08
F: 32
G: 04
H: 33
I: 01
J: 55
K: 10
L: 25
M: 16