Nintendogs Game

Nintendogs Cheats and Tricks:
Free Money:
If you have a neck Poka then put it on your dog to take
the park. Then when you get to hold the 'Y' button and the'R '
Button and then you free money!
Gifts Galore:
When you go for a walk and many more to go? boxes as possible! When
coming home just to keep 1 of each toy, except for food. For example, if you have 2
tennis balls on the sale of a second-hand shop. Finally you have a
many of the toys. Also, be sure to practice in the gym with his dog,
and agility to enter contests, and to give more money!
In addition to not buy at the store pet supply store to buy things at a discount,
sometimes you can get the stuff 1 / 2 price!
Cubs Get:
If you keep your Nintendo without rebooting. That could have puppys.
This is 9 months or more to work. I tried to advance time, but
work.But does not work cause my friends had some dogs and now that has
ten. But she had to give one of their dogs away.
Money Maker:
If you want to do a lot of money as well as contests, when you go for a walk,
rare items are more distance from your home. If you stay at your house,
get tissue boxes and bubble blowers. But if you go way, you
find hats and crowns, and I found 2 gold bars worth $ 2000,
trucks, and helicopters.
Impressive tricks:
Tell your dog to beg, then spin quickly. Must beg in circles! Also,
Tell your dog to lie down and then quickly to beg. There should be a hand!
One more. Tell rolled to the right, then left. It should do
very fast! You can teach them to do these tricks, not all
Several fun things:
First, if you have your dog lie down then pull your ear, beat him
with his leg! Have your dog sit then pull your foot, then
Bite! Plus the dog is the lowest - the bigger the bite. Sometimes your dog
speak a little English. The word is the ping. If you put the music and move
the same way for some time - you buy and then stop after that to maintain
moving again. Your dog shuffle around on the spot! With its jump
rope to your dog after playing very fast, as a result of its collapse in dogs
Whacked or get off the screen.
Nintendogs now on how to enter a compotetion 3 times a day. i if your dog
Reall good at compotetions lose some points, but turn off your Nintendo DS Fast
and returns to the compotetion. its so cool!
but if you have problems or need help send me an email
ESAY get money or things rare:
First put the clover clock and one of his dogs to wear a lucky coloretake
for a walk and increase your chances of getting things RARE disk competitions
Dogs rub your head and you'll most likely get 10 pionts but only champ.and teacher.