Need For Speed - Carbon


Need For Speed - Carbon Cheat Codes:
Cheat mode:
Type any of the following cheat codes in the "CLICK TO CONTINUE 'screen.
Some codes may work if entered at the main menu screen.
Note: Entering a code incorrectly will require the game restarts.
Code Result
canyonalltheway - all tracks
Shinycarsarethebestcars - Chrome Cars
5grand5grand - Castrol Cash
Friendlyheadlocksapplied - Unlimited crew charge
Nosforeverever - Unlimited NOS
Slowitdownwhenyouwant - Unlimited SpeedBreaker
Givemethechargersrt8 - 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8
Givemethedb9 - 2005 Aston Martin DB9
Chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk - Mazda Dealership
Speed3foryou - Mazda Speed3
Watchoutthebigtruckishere - Dump Truck in Quick race mode
Bigredfiredrive - Firetruck in Quick race mode
Trashtalking - Rhino in Quick race mode
Guesswhoisback - Cross Corvette Z06 in quick race mode
Chasingmobile - Corvette Z06 Interceptor in Quick race mode
Cooperlogofreeforyou - Cooper Tire Logo
Pharrellvinylgogo - Pharrell Vinyl
Lotsoffreevinyls - NFS: Carbon Special Vinyls
Lotsoffreelogos - NFS: Carbon Vinyls
Syntecskin - Castrol Syntec Vinyl
Inthezoneskin - AutoZone vinyl
Codes marked with a * are confirmed working, the other may have to be
activated by another method. Someone suggested we could work with
an EA account, but I do not like that, i can not try them. Code
* You do not have to be written with a *, just in case you're wondering.
Another problem with the codes, is that when a bad guy, it's like,
is the lock and can not write more. Only solution to that is
restart game: (
We decided to release the codes for all now, because demand is high,
maybe you can see the light to reach the other working? Have fun:)
The last 3 codes are not found in the main executable of the game, if you look a little
deeper they are, they really need a tool than Notepad
before it can succeed.
Extra money:
Have a saved game file from Need for Speed: Most Wanted on your hard drive
a $ 10,000 bonus when you start the career mode.
Easier Speedtrap races:
Activate your Blocker / Brawl before the race. While racing and you are
reaching a speed trap, stop your Blocker / Brawl. This will crash the
other car (s), and drastically reduce your time. Remember that the peak
Blocker / Brawl moment is just before the speed trap.
Easy wins:
In the races where they are members of the crew used a guide (Yumi if possible).
If you do not win the race will be your guide.
The crew:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding crew member.
Sal: Complete four to six races.
Yumi: Defeat Kenji.
Avoiding police:
Being chased by police, open the GPS map. Locate the nearest orange
triangle with the pointer and activate the GPS. It then displays a blue arrow
and he will search Breaker. If the police are directly behind you, that
stop, since "died". However, if you are in heat level 4 or higher
police (Corvette) just dodge the debris. Once the cops have "died" that
Then enter the cooling mode. Then, just wait until you lose. There is
a quicker way to do this. If you get into GPS mode (after a ido
Cooling mode), it will be blue-white dotted circle. Activate GPS
the circle. Drive toward it and make sure it is exactly in the center of
the circle. Your meters should be more rapid cooling-down menu. After the little
The screen should be back to normal.