Moto Racer PC Game


Moto Racer Cheat Codes:
Cheat mode:
Moto Racer Type your name as one of the following.
The game will beep and ask for your name again.
Now enter your real name:
Code Result
CRAZYCD - BIKERS go crazy.
CDNALSI - All tracks enabled.
CESREVER - investing all courses.
CTEKCOP - pocket bikes.
CDSTEKCOP - Surprise Guest.
For images of type Motoracer
Moto.exe-ijklmnop, and then press Ctrl + F1 twice.
Appears in the lower left corner.
Burst of speed:
At the beginning of any race, put the gas all the way up. As the
annonce reaching number one in the countdown, slowly
gas. Takes some practice, but in due course
you cruise in front of the pack to first place!
To activate the reverse mode and pocketbike with how permenently
any cheats. Take the championship mode, new game
and play the first six laps available. The reverse mode is activated.
Playing again in the next six laps in the reverse mode, obtain the
pocketmode enabled. Continue playing the pocket and find a way of cycling
the surprise that awaits him at the end.
Bouncing winner:
Press "B" after winning a career rebound. Press B to jump again
like crazy.
Slide into a corner:
Press D + [Left] or [right] to the slide in a corner.
All songs:
Write CDNALSI as your name, then type in your name. Now all tracks
are available for individual practice and Careers!
The clues to unlock the following:
Going west
Walk snow
Dirt Arena
Speed Bay
Rock Forest
Lost ruins
Great Wall
Red City.