Mortal Kombat 4 Game


Mortal Kombat 4 Cheat Codes:
Go into practice mode and the difficulty of press BLOCK + LOW KICK 10 seconds.
Then a sound is played. Then press again BLOCK + LOW KICK and the cheat
highlight.In cheat menu Menu will be ENDING, I lethality,
STAGE II Fatality Fatality
Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes.
Code Effect
111-111 - Random free weapon.
555-555 - Many free weapons.
222-222 - Start with arms at random.
100-100 - Disable throws.
010-010 - Disable maximum damage.
110-110 - Disable throws and maximum damage.
444-444 - Start with weapons drawn.
666-666 - Turn off the music.
050-050 - The explosion loser.
123-123 - One stroke win.
060-060 - No rain on Wind World.
020-020 - Red Rain World Wind.
002-002 - Players do not drop the gun.
012-012 - Noob Saibot Mode - must win the game with Reiko first.
001-001 - Unlimited Run.
321-321 - Great way to head.
Select phase
011-011 Goro's Lair
022-022 The Well
033-033 elderly Gods
044-044 The Tomb
055-055 Wind World
066-066 Reptile's Lair
101-101 Shaolin Temple
202-202 Forest
Prison 303-303
313-313 Ice Pit
View biographies:
Enter "Kombat Theater" mode to highlight the desired character and press [Block].
Fight as James Bond:
At the character selection screen down to Johnny Cage. Now press and hold the START
C-up three times (his picture should be rotated three times revealing a yin yang sign.)
When the match begins, Johnny Cage should keep a tuxedo. Now take your
weapon (Forward, Down, Forward, Low Kick) and should be a weapon.
Drawing from the scorpion with weapons:
To do this you must have scorpion's weapon in hand now use the following keys to use
function DN + LP.
Freezing sub-zero power of weapons:
To do this you must be below zero weapon in hand now use following keys to use
function DN + LP. Now while you are near your enemy press is HPorLP
able to use their weapons to freeze your enemy press DN + LP to attack your enemy
with weapons other function. this can be applied to any other character to do
the terms of the weapon.
alternate costume for noobsaibot:
noob saibot has two alternate costumes
1) white hood
2) steel gray ghost costume
Easy Win:
If you want to win the arcade mode very simply do the following to obtain the trap
menu from the practice on how to turn around and go to arcade mode then
select the character of your choice then select any level to win against the first
opponent, to be completed level.
Lethality EASY:
Deaths are hard to do. Here's how to do it VERY VERY easy.
1] Go to the practice. Highlight 'Difficulty' (do not press ENTER or
anything, just note that the box-cursor over it.)
2] Press and hold Block + LK for 10 seconds (Using the 1st
control of the player). A cheat menu will appear.
3] IMPORTANT: Turn the lethality or death I or Level II
Fatality, keeping the rest out.
Fatality I is if you want to do 1 fatality of any player.
Fatality II is if you want to do the 2nd fatality of any player.
However lethality level is only possible in the backround / Theater
with which the player is playing. If in turn the three
fatalities on then 'Fatality I work. If you turn 'end'
then the game after defeating only one person.
4] Exit the cheat menu and play as you would normally.
5] When 'Finish Him' comes just press Down + HP.
Comma mortality for all charaters including fatality 1 & fatality UDU + LK + HP = 2
Keep Holding after PRESSING UDU.
This is ruchit again.
To make a death in the end, you have to press so many keys is complecated
almost impossible to do. So now to make only the deaths of the press "in which HP'that +
And in his ... so you must have activated cheats from the cheat menu.
All players of Mortal Kombat 4 are now quite capable of killing with their opponenet
deaths .. In this game each player has their own fatalities that can be activated
from the cheat menu. You can use the deaths of a player through
they are playing. But this trick will help you kill your opponenet
ts' misfortune. That means you can use not only their deaths, but their
opponenets deaths. Here they are .....
(1) First get the cheat menu from the "Practice Mode.
(2) Then turn on the 'Fatali OFF' II-II ON >->->' Fatalities. "
(3) Now go back to the main menu and go to the 'Arcade' mode.
(4) After the indicator (that red square) on "Quan Chi"
(5) Now these keys in order ...
(I). Home + LP.
(II). Home + HP.
(III). Home + HK.
(IV). Home + LK.
(6) Then click on "Run" to select the charactor.
(7) Now select the third stage and start the game.
(8) and finally apply the death when the game
said she "finished".
(9) will be surprised ....
This trick can only be applied to 'Quan Chi'.
: Apllying after the trap will not be able to run
deaths' Quan Chi '
Please call me on the phone earlier. or above the message
address to rerviews.
: Feel free to send any suitable changes.all
application will be important as well and also respec ...
Alternate costumes:
Press Start and any action button to rotate the screen image of two
times to allow each character in the second suit, except for Sonya and Tanya.
The selection screen images must be rotated three times to the characters.
Meat fighting as:
Enter "Group Mode" and successfully complete the game with all sixteen
characters. After this has been accomplished, select any character and begin
a match. His character as the reproduction of beef with all the movements of the
character that was selected.
Fight as Goro:
Successfully complete the game with Shinnok. Enter the character selection
screen, choose the HIDDEN icon using RUN, and hold, then press UP,
UP, UP, LEFT to highlight Shinnok's icon, and press BLOCK while still holding
Fight as Noob Saibot:
Successfully complete the game with Reiko. Enter code 012 012 in Kombat
versus mode. Exit this match and enter the character selection screen, choose
HIDDEN icon using RUN, and hold, then press UP, UP, on the left
Reiko highlight the icon and press BLOCK while still holding RUN.
Noob Saibot fatality:
Press press Down, Forward, High Punch when close to your opponent in the
"Finish him!" screen. Noob Saibot will grab the opponent's arms, then starts
in the torso. His body was diluted in several units and
the head is in the air for a short time spinning around before dropping
to land.
Stage of selecting a single player:
Enter the "Practice" menu and select the stage that appears prior to the
desired stage to start at. Start a practice mode match, then
stop smoking immediately. Start a single player game to begin at the stage desired.
Move List
LP - Low Punch
HP - High Punch
LK - Low Kick
HK - High Kick
BL - Block
F - Forward
D - Crouch
B - Back
Fireball [F, B, HP]
Stomp [F, F, B, HK]
Lunge Kick [B, B, HK]
Swipe [F, F, HP]
Juggle Uppercut [D, D, HP]
Weapon [F, F, HP] (Weird Blade)
Cannonball Roll [B, F, LK]
Land Shaker [B, D, B, HK]
Projectile [D, B, LP]
Vertical Roller [F, D, F, HP]
Fatality # 1 [F, B, F, F, LK]
Fatality # 2 (outside sweep) [U, U, F, F, BL]
Fan Fatality [F, D, F, HK]
Spike Fatality [B, F, F, LP]
alternate outfit: white shirt / pants
Weapon [D, F, HP] (enriched Klub)
Energy Wave [F, F, D, LK]
Dash Punch [D, B, LP]
Backbreaker [BLK ^]
Fireball [D, F LP]
Multi-Slam [LP, RN + BLK + HK, HP + LP + LK, HP + BLK + LK, HP + LP + HK + LK]
Fatality # 1 [(LK) 3secF, M, D, F rel]
Fatality # 2 [B, F, F, D, BL]
Fan Fatality [F, F, B, LK]
Spike Fatality [F, F, B, HP]
Johnny Cage
alternate set: Bond-esque tux
Weapon [F, D, F, LK] (Weird Blade 2)
Shadow Kick [B, F, LK]
High Fireball [D, F, HP]
Uppercut [B, D, B, HP]
Low Fireball [D, B, LP]
Crotch Punch [BLK + LP]
Fatality # 1 [F, B, D, D, HK]
Fatality # 2 [D, D, F, D, BLK]
Fan Fatality [D, D, F, F, HK]
Spike Fatality [B, F, F, LK]
alternate outfit: leather jacket / shades
Weapon [D, B, LP] (Kali Dagger)
Fallin Fireball [B, B, HP]
Rising Fireball [F, F, LP]
Turbo Air Fist [D, F, HP]
Super Roundhouse [D, F, LK]
Hands [BLK + LK] (LP) spin) LK / HK (kicks) BL (standup)
Fatality # 1 [U, H, U, B, HK]
Fatality # 2 (outside sweep) [U, U, U, D, BL]
Fan Fatality [F, F, D, BLK]
Spike Fatality [B, F, D, HK]
Liu Kang
Alternate combination: headband / karate outfit
Weapon [B, F, LK] (Flamberge `Sword)
Fireball [F, F, HP]
Low Fireball [F, F, LP]
Flying Kick [F, F, HK]
Bicycle Kick [(LK) +3 secs news]
Fatality # 1 (Sweep) [Fx3, D, HK + LK + BLK]
Fatality # 2 [F, D, D, U, HP]
Fan Fatality [F, F, B, LP]
Spike Fatality [F, F, B, HK]
Noob Saibot
alternate set: bell
Weapon [F, F, HK] (scythe)
Fireball [D, F, LP]
Spike Fatality [F, D, F, HK]
Quan Chi
Weapon [D, B, HK] (Mace)
Air Throw [BLK]
Tele-Stomp [F, D, LK]
Skull Fireball [F, F, LP]
Dash Kick [F, F, HK]
Stealing arms [F, B, HP]
Fatality # 1 [(LK) 5sec F, D, F, rel]
Fatality # 2 (outside sweep) [U, U, D, D, LP]
Fan Fatality [F, F, D HP]
Spike Fatality [F, F, B, LK]
alternate outfit: blue sleeves
Weapon [F, B, HP] (wooden mallet)
Torpedo [F, F, LK]
Teleport [D, U]
The electric spark [D, B, LP]
Fatality # 1 [BL (F, B, U, U, HK)]
Fatality # 2 [D, U, U, U, HP]
Fan Fatality [D, F, B, BLK]
Spike Fatality [F, F, D, LP]
Weapon [D, B, HP] (enriched Klub)
Teleport / Slam [D, U] ~ ~ [BLK (when close to a coup)]
Spin Behind [B, F, LK]
Flip Kick [B, D, F, HK]
Ninja stars [D, F LP]
Fatality # 1 [F, D, F, LP + BLK + HK + LK]
Fatality # 2 (outside sweep) [B, B, D, D, HK]
Fan Fatality [D, D, B, LP]
Spike Fatality [F, F, D, LK]
alternate outfit: old ninja costume
Weapon [B, B, LK] (Battle Ax)
Acid Bubbles [D, F, HP]
I bet Punch [B, F, LP]
Invisibility [BLK + HK]
Super Krawl [B, F, LK]
Fatality # 1 [(HP + HK + LP + LK) U]
Fatality # 2 (outside sweep) [U, D, D, D, HP]
Fan Fatality [D, F, F, LP]
Spike Fatality [D, D, F, HK]
Alternate combination: gray without mask
Weapon [F, F, HK] (Broad Sword)
Spear [B, B, LP]
Teleport Punch [D, B, HP]
Air Throw [BLK]
Flame Breath [D, F, LP]
Fatality # 1 (sweep) [B, F, F, B, BL]
Fatality # 2 [B, F, D, U, HP]
Fan Fatality [F, F, D, D, LK]
Spike Fatality [B, F, F, LK]
Weapon [B, F, LP] (Nagimaki blades or Personal)
Fatality # 1 [D, B, F, D, RN]
Fatality # 2 [D, U, U, D, BL]
Fan Fatality [D, D, F, HK]
Spike Fatality [D, F, B, HP]
Impersonation Moves:
Jarek [B, B, B, LK]
Kai [F, F, F, LK]
Sub [D, B, LP]
Liu [B, B, F, HK]
Fujin [F, F, B, HK]
Sonya [F, D, F, HP]
Raiden [D, F, F, HP]
Quan [F, B, F, LK]
Tanya [B, F, D, BLK]
Reptile [B, B, F, BLK]
Reiko [B, B, B, BLK]
Cage [D, D, HP]
Jax [F, D, F, HK]
alternate set: pink uniform w / o hat
Weapon [F, F, LK] (Blade Wheel)
Fireball [D, F, LP]
Grab the leg [D + LP + BLK]
Sq Wave Punch [F, B, HP]
Vert. Bike Kick [B, B, D, HK]
Air Throw [BLK]
Front Flip Kick [B, D, F, LK]
Fatality # 1 (sweep) [D, D, D, U, RN]
Fatality # 2 (outside sweep) [U, D, D, U, HK]
Fan Fatality [D, D, B, B, HK]
Spike Fatality [F, D, F, HP]
alternate set: half frozen
Weapon [D, F, HK] (Ice Wand) freeze it [B + LP]
Ice Blast [D, F, LP]
Ice Clone [D, B, LP]
Slide [LP + BLK + LK]
Fatality # 1 [F, B, F, D, HP + BL + RN]
Fatality # 2 (outside sweep) [B, B, D, B + HP]
Fan Fatality [D, U, U, U, HK]
Spike Fatality [D, D, D, LK]
Alternate uniform: black dress
Weapon [F, F, HK] (Boomerang)
Fireball [D, F, HP]
In Air Fireball [D, B, LP]
Splits Kick [F, D, B, LK]
Corkscrew Kick [F, F, LK]
Fatality # 1 [D, D, U, D, HP + BLK]
Fatality # 2 [D, F, D, F, HK]
Fan Fatality [B, F, D, HP]
Spike Fatality [F, F, F, LP]
When they are defeated by his opponent falls into the pit of death
when you press the START button down fighting
appear and you can choose the game and with the continuous choice Charat
Enter cheat mode go to practice and hold space and j together at beginner and
Rookie written 10 sec. Siddharth.
To take the 1st fatality:
First go to the practice menu. Difficulty tab, press LK + BK
(low kick + block) for 10 seconds. Tips on the menu, put the 1st
mortality and mortality compared to the II. Now exit this menu and go to
Arcade menu. Choose 1 on 1 kombat and without selecting the player
you want to put the select (the red sqare) on the player and press
start + low punch. Now start the game and when the announcer says
After the press + high punch and take the first fatality.
(this trick will not work on Quan Chi)
To make an easy inevitable press this key in select player:
1-start + lp
2-start + HP
3-start + HK
4-start + run
5-start + block
6-start + p.
initiate and maintain run + + + p. agama block and start to say: [finish him]
Fate, without any key.

When the selection screen charicter there are some combinations of buttons
who can work in more than one charicter so I put all the low charicters
their corresponding cheat. unfortunately those who represent hidden charicters
not have third costumes but with some button mashing will alternate
arms, I'm too lazy to tell / type you are (i't late enough already).
By the way, all third costumes special weapons with them.
Start + Block x 2 then Highkick:
Kai - special weapon
Tanya - special weapon
Fujin - special weapon
Jax - third costume
Liu Kang - third costume
Scorpion - third costume
Reptile - third costume

Start + block, start + run, then begin to HK + Block
Tanya - third costume
Kai - tercer traje
Sonya - third costume
Fujin - other weapons

Sub Zero - third costume - start + run x 2 then in Hong Kong
Raiden - third costume - start + block x 2 then run
Cage - third costume - star + block x 3 then run
Disable maximum damage:
To disable the maximum damage in the two-player mode in the loading screen of blocks affected
key first and second player to know that the trick is to start working
matching see 1:1 maximum damage disabled.
Go spinaroo with reptiles weapon:
You can go with arms Spinnin reptiles .. just press B. F. And hold down HP HP
after pressing F.B.
Fight as Meat: Complete the game with three chracracters.
Coversation between mortals:
When you start the game and reach "
Theater Kombat, Endurace "etc. Wait for 5-10 minutes. (Do not press any key while
waiting and try not to move the mouse too much) After a while, you see a conversation
between the Mortal Kombat fighters. You can also see other things.
Goro's very easy:
Just select the hidden icon in the player select screen using run, keep holding was
and select Shinnok (up, up, up, left) with a block. No need to win the game
with Shinnok. COOL, huh?

Try to jump and kick while you're playing and your mask will Scorpion.He
transformed into a T-Rex

There are some other tips that may apply when you have arms
in the hand (for all weapons). Press and then her forehead high and low strength.
On the other hand, and then click again on the high and low punch.It works.

Making death is very hard. But there's a will there is a way. Take the Practice
menu and press block + low kick when highlghited in difficulty button. After 10
a second sound appears to come a new menu. In this menu you can activate the
deaths on or off.

When playing with an opponent always choose player01 and hold run + HP + HK and become
the direction of your opponent and press LK continue until beat your opponent.
When you do this your opponent can not control your player.
turning circle with the weapon of reptiles:
Reptiles take arms and make the following movements PRESS F then hold HP.
playing with your friend:
Select reptiles. Take the weapon and press BK + HP keep pressing the HP button
and move towards the opponent.; wins in seconds.
To learn eg.GOROetc type special characters while playing the game
KOMBAT. , Will be available with all characters. If you want to do fatalities very
easilly do the following.
'R'-run'b'-block'lp'you know
Fatality 1 - 'r' + 'b'
2-'hk inevitable '+' lp '
Thus hex cheat you can win the game with computer without touching the keyboard!
First backup the Mortal Kombat.exe and open it in any hex editor.
Change your display settings so that 16 bytes per line.
Go to address 578496 and you can see there this line
"53 00 89 15 4C C4 53 00 74 09 83 F2 04 89 15 4C"
change the 9th byte "74" to "75" save
Cann't If found, search for "C4 53 00 74 09 83 F2" or "4C C4 53 00 74 09 83 F2" that
will now change the byte "74" to "75", save it.
Now a game with the computer.When beat your opponent you will lose your energy.If
get your opponent may also lose their life.So simply to watch the game ........
you kill the shinnok then enter your name for greatest winning strike!
If you play a game with two players from his friend, you lose life when you hit and he loses
energy when it hits ...
Special moves:
Continue forward until you reach your opponent while moving forward
immediately press low kick your character will be a step lower than low.
Unlock Noob Saibot:
Select finish and Reiko 'arcade' mode.After to go back to 'arcade' mode and go to
"hidden" and press RUN + UP, UP, LEFT + BLOCK.
Note: Keep until you press RUN BLOCK.
Select Goro and arcade mode.You will be surprised to see shinook as sub-head
and head during playback.
Note: While you see Goro as sub-head in the picture, is fighting with shinook.
this can be applied only to Goro.