Monopoly Here and Now Cheat Codes and Tips


Monopoly Here and Now Cheat Codes and Tips:
Buy'em all in 1 round:
When you finish moving or whatever you've done in the game, DO NOT CLICK ON BUTTON
"FINISH TURN", and then make the trade with the second player and then cancel.
You will find the button and change to "Roll Dice". So there you go!
If there are 3 letters of a color and you have one and the team has
I have the other 2, the computer business with you. Do not click OK
see the strong numbers. To be stronger, click on the little money
part of the team and increase the quantity. This way you can earn up to 1000m.
Get tons of money:
First, if you have a property and the other team has 2 in the same color, which
that trade, decline, and then as a trade of 15 million green, then trade
total cost to him again to get what you doesn't have a monopoly!