Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven


Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven Cheat and Tips:
Able to open the console when playing
"Mafia-The City of Lost Heaven" by pressing SHIFT + ~'''' I can not seem to get
which to work. Is there a line that I add to my desktop shortcut's "target" line
in order to put the console?
Badgangsters = godmode
= Deadguns weapons and ammunition
Mademan = health

On the preist Level after you go down the stairs and playing on Cutscene
funeral all the people start shooting, but if you can get the ladder with spiril
much of health can be hossage man running it, and stay there.
only are there and shoot the other guys then when done backup and shoot the kind of
the top of the steps.

In the race, which is a pain in the as. There's way to make the pain go away. If
turn on the closed form and continue on it until you get back to the track
you a signal to the left. Push to replace car just after you sign a
is replaced at the finish line. Not to be missed.
Unlock Free Ride Extreme mode:

To unlock the Free Ride Extreme you have to finish all the missions. How far
allows you to get more luxury cars (like the super fast taxi). There are also no
police in this way.
"Election Campaign"
In this chapter, while the height of the murder polition. You can use your telescope
if you are using Mosin-Nagant 1891/30, you just have to do is press "S" (Note:
the default key for Sniper Mode, press any key you are using instead of S if
have already configured the keys setting), After pressing this key you will be using
the telescope, you'll see an island where you can see a polition near his microphone, just
its aim and shoot, that shot now, after killing the polition again and go inside
just follow the steps foot on the stairs on the top floor you'll see a door and the dog
sitting near him, there are some dogs kill first 4-5 from inside then exit. Now
The search for a great door with a lock that is not likely to open fire on
Lock the door is unlocked.
"You Lucky Bastard!" - The level of persecution that bastard you just have to Luckey
chase the green car that does not have to go out and kill the bastared Sergio.
"The Death of Art" - at this level are really in trouble. As default, only
with 6 bullets in his gun, I think the Colt or something ...
Instead of wasting the bullet, just run to the stair in the next part, ie. if
you're facing the door, from where they came into the room to move
stair on the right side after climbing the stair if you try to open the fence
great door does not open and if you choose to open the wrong door. However, if
shound't it opens the door that is on the opposite side of the main door
in.Now came from where if you have the right door then do the following. if
are turning towards the door you've found your destination is to the right,
on the right side is a step, but also a small wall, which is what we have just
to do is climb the wall but fast an enemy will be trying to kill you. Now I hope there
achieved the passage. Just go up the passage all right? Now instead
right side you'll find some enemys fire with machine guns and colts. run
place near the enemy and return to a very fast second step
later heard an explosion and with that you get the gun, because the
enemy machine gun that he is dead because of the explosion. After that rush chimbing
long stir near you. At this level I am sure to find a medical pack, as
before you go near the medical pack you'll hear an explosion and thereby to find tommy
dead if life is too low. To avoid running just next to the medical package and return
running back out there a couarse Blase, but without you, now you can
going to eat the packaging, so if you have already killed all the enemys down stair
Go to the stair near the medical pack. kill an enemy go up the stairs inside the door
nearby, and if it is locked, then they have killed all the enemys down stair.
if it opens go inside you will meet Sam! To kill sam it's better if you have your
machine gun with you or you just have to do a thing ie to die, (You know it is too
difficult, even if you have fully loaded machine gun, but once U know the trick is to
be the easiest on the whole game). When killed sam I had only got 5 life.
The easier way to kill sam is to hide and shoot. Each time it is seen that is
start shooting, but when you load your gun will be your turn.
Thus you have to shoot three times to no continuieously. After he
escaped. Now, if you think you are afraid you are wrong care, while seeking
him. And no, forget your gun, if you see blood swept follow the path that
reached by firing his machine gun countineously Sam will suddenly come
front of you, but you should be able to shoot before he did not shoot hime
you. So do not keep calm at this level after the death of cousin Sam Game
be completed! (For save games email me
Type in the console
Fletcher would like - to get a Silver Fletcher.

If ur firing cops or any bad guyes, u have to fire about 5-6 bullets in their bodies
it takes time and causes of risk. Here's a hint-Position ur self in such a way that
ur cross stays in your head, now if u fire only 2 shots to the head which
and he will die there!