Grow Island Game


Grow Island Tricks:
2-civil engineering
4-aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering
5-environmental engineering
6-electrical engineering
7-computer science
8-applied chemistry
So cool:
This is cooler than the regular ending the ufo ups
UFO ending:
Follow these steps to see the UFO ending.
1-Environmental Engineering
3-Electrical Engineering
4-Civil Engineering
5-Mechanical Engineering
6-Applied Chemistry
7-Aerospace, Marine, Automotive Engineering
8-Computer Science
Do you think up all the bars is fresh and good to try this!
Click this order:
1. archeitecture.
2. civil engineering.
3. electrical engineering.
4. mechanical engineering.
5. car.
6. computer science.
7. and the rest dosent matters.
UFO attack (the other is an error):
Aerospace, marine, automotive engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Applied chemistry
Environmental Engineering