Geneforge 5 - Overthrow Game


Geneforge 5 - Overthrow Cheat
Passwords in the game:
Press Shift-D to open the cheat, then write a
code from the list below.
Code Effect
shieldsup - bless your party.
pleaselikeme - Erase criminal records. Some crimes are unforgivable.
giveasnack - Gives you the cake.
iampoor - Gives you money (500 coins).
iamweak - Gives you XP.
healmenow - Cure your party.
whereami - Lists your current character of the area and (x, y) coordinates.
showmeall - Marks all characters on your minimap. dontshowmeall off.
clearthisarea - Marks the current area as completed on the world map.
iloverebels - Get on good terms with the rebels.
ihaterebels - Get on good terms with the trainers.
rechargeme - Reloads energy and essence.
resetbugs - Resets Shredbugs.
exitzone - Send the world map.
(useful against bosses impossible to overcome.)
Press CTRL-D and type "iamweak" (without the quotes) to gain experience for you
and its allies.