Drift City Game Cheat Codes


Drift City Cheat Codes
Press the following buttons together at any time during the game, except
during server select screens.
If you use the code in the Battle area increases is evident for all
that deception, because a huge blue halo around your car.
Code Result
Control + Shift + V - Make cars disappear, player or NPC.
Control + Shift + U - out the extras, like the speedometer,
mini-map, fast times at the top right, chat, exp
bar, names of people in cars.
Control + Shift + F - Show FPS and other in-game texture info.
Control + Shift + P - Displays a script for lots of information.
Control + Shift + N - also shows the FPS, and late, when their careers and strange
checkpoints on the minimap.
Control + Shift + O (as in orange) - Makes all the buildings disappear, mountains, terrain,
trees, anything you can hit.
Control + Shift + T - I disappear roads.
Control + Shift + R - Resets the screen to the upper left corner.
Control + Shift 0 (Zero) - Halloween with the crazy moons and auroras
Control + Shift 0 (numeric zero) - Opens Korean Google
Control + Shift + (F1 through F10) - Film shows various camera angles.
Control + Shift + E - Turn on the hazard warning lights.
Control + Shift + - (minus) - It adds to your momentum bar.