Dino Run Cheat Codes and Tricks


Dino Run Cheat Codes and Tricks:
Select "Options Speedruns" in the main menu. Then select the
"Tricks Mods" option. Enter one of the following passwords
to activate the cheat function.
Code Result
Execution speed - dino athlete
Mega Jump - leapinliz
Super strength - Calcium
No punishment - to explore
Low gravity - astrosaur
Boulders are balloons - goof balls
Lights Out - goodbyesun
Meteor storm - Smokey
Enable hats - don8tosaur
Hat robot - Totino
Rocks are balloons - goof balls
Egg locations:
The eggs can be found at the following locations.
T-Rex: Level 3, in the face of the hill with all the tunnels through it.
Giga: Level 2, in a vine at the bottom of the big cliff.
Magno: Level 6, inside the top right of the first volcano.
Iguana: Level 4, inside the hill with the tunnels, above the waterfall.
Alien: Level 5, halfway through the level inside the big meteorite on earth.
Spino: Level 2, at the bottom of the first big cliff all the way to the left.
Smell: Level 4, at the end of the underground part, on top of some platforms.
Rinchen: Level 3 Underground on a platform, as well as in the Planet D Speedrun.
Diplo: Apocalypse, inside the top left of the last volcano.
Bronto: According to the last cave Loco difficulty.
Crossbones trophy:
The trophy skull and crossed 10 seconds is a "punishment surfing," when you
are at the edge of the cloud of doom. My punishment surf longest was 15.5 seconds,
that almost gave me a heart attack, thank you very much.
Planet D:
You have to win the game on insane, and is unlocked. Tip: even if unlocked
are using all the traps! I'm not good enough to win yet crazy.
Rinchen egg
It's in the D Planet! I am using the DNA from the egg to build my Rinchen
statistics to try to reach the Bronto egg.
Giga Egg:
The egg is in Giga Rainin 'Lizards - but only in the adjustment easy - do not appear
in half and I have not seen elsewhere. It is at the bottom of a huge cliff
about half way.
Eggs stored =- -=
Bronze: 500
Silver: 1000

=- -= Secret trophy
Super collect all the eggs.

Corredores eaten =- -=
Bronze: 200
Silver: 500
Gold: 1000

Bird devoured =- -=
Bronze: 30
Silver: 75

Lizards Chomp =- -=
Bronze: 200
Silver: 500
Gold: 1000

Slurp Worms =- -=
Bronze: 100
Silver: 200

Fish =- -= Gobble
Bronze: 75
Silver: 150

Dinos Saved =- -=
Bronze: 10
Silver: 25
Gold: 50

Dactyl Chain =- -=
Bronze: 2x
Silver: 3x
Gold: 4x

Boulder =- -= Horseriding
Bronze: 3 seconds
Silver: 6 seconds
Gold: 10 seconds

Doom =- -= Surf
Bronze: 10 seconds
Silver: 30 seconds
Gold: 60 seconds

=- -= Secret trophy
PixelJam pet! He hides in the level 6 on the left side
of the lava pit / cave after the volcano.
Giga Rinchen egg and egg
The egg is giga rain'in lizards normal, but go for a little while later when a
curved like cliff fall on the left and there it is. By Rinchen
Planet d egg beaten into play Challanges crazy (you can use traps) and then play it
the normal operation of 4 to maintain a time later when you can fall into a hole
then fall in profit from the low gravity, where a platform in the air
next jump grab and run.
Easter egg - the location of Bronto Egg:
The location of the Bronto egg is the big egg in the center of the platform
dino sanctuary.
Auto Run:
Your car can run on dino:
1. Restore the window
2. Minimize any other windows
3. Press and hold the [right] arrow key
4. However, tenure, click on the desktop
5. The dino is automatically
Note: You can get stuck, if you click on the window DR. I hope this helps!
Super Eggs:
Giga: Level 2, in the small cave before tar pit
Magnus: In the first death Speedrun volcano crater
Iguana: Level 4, Cascade
Alien: Level 5, the meteorite smoking
Spino: Level 2, bottom of a large pit. Go to the back (left) from the pit
Smell: Level 4, the water from the platform
Rinchen: Level 3, Metro, on the platform
Diplo: Apocalypse under Loco difficulty. First within volcano
Bronto: Beyond Revelation under Crazy difficulty. Dino in the sanctuary (spacecraft)
Hats & Tricks Colors:
Maximum speed: dinoracer
Mega Jump: leapinliz
Super Strength: calcium
Goodbye Doom: explore
Low Density: astrosaur
Boulders = Balloons: goofballs
Lights Out: goodbyesun
Meteor Storm: Smokey
Diplo is the first volcano in Revelation Loco low difficulty.
Beyond Revelation Bronto is under Crazy difficulty. Is in the sanctuary dino,
or this time, it's a spaceship.
Air / Underground Glitch:
on the level you get the egg in cliff outside pillar things to go to the left
wall you can walk in this failure to move the map where it is.
Flying along the ground near the top of the game and then fly again until
reach the ground again.