A Nightmare on Sesame Street (Cheat)


Level skip: 

Each level will give you by the letters A, E, I, O or U. On 
the title, press A for Level 1, Level 2 for E, I-level 
3, O of level 4, and U for the 5th stage 

Secret Level: 
Do not forget the letter Y is sometimes a vowel. On the title screen, 
press Y for a secret level BieberSoft dedicated to the WonderDweeb. 

Second Weapon: 

This is more a bug than a cheat. When playing a game 
with a joystick, press the key players 2 # 2 (Ctrl is the default) and 
a second stationary weapon is in the middle of the screen. 
, To the arms, Player 2 press the button # 2 

Both characters: 

Even an error. At the start screen, press Ctrl-Y and the controls 
for both players the same (ie both of them joystick 1), then 
start two players. Now you can with both Ernie and Bert 
a joystick / keyboard