7 Wonders of the Ancient World 2 (Cheat)


Unlock a new level, Lost Wonder:

Opens (unlocks doors) of new, at the level of hidden under the title: "Part of 
Sophie treasure. "Commencement or continuation of the level. Click on the list 
Option on the right side of the game window. (Instead, 
Open the options screen from the main window.) Select 
"Credit" option. Allowed to list the names and moved to the creative 
End. Cubic (mass) and will be seen from the scroll to top 
The bottom of the window. Drag and drop block on the shoulders of 
The worker appears to be an invisible mass. 
Group is located on the right side bottom of the window. 
If the block was put on properly, and will show the message reads as follows: 
Victory! Mystic section of the treasure has been opened. New 
Might ask is now available! Click OK to close and play 
A new level. If the level of play, while the above-mentioned procedures 
Followed, the level and will continue after the completion or resigns 
The closed