And yet it moves - PC Cheat


Achievements (steam):
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Addicted - Play ', and yet it is "at least 3:30 hours
without leaving the game.
Around The World - Take a 360 degree turn on a swing.
Demolition Man - Break all the stones to Break Them All.
Frozen - fall through an entire level from the first audit
point at endpoint (and rip).
Gifts - Play to the end credits and receive your present.
Kamikaze - fall through an entire level from the first control point
at endpoint (and rip).
Monster Drop - Drop in the monster world Horny Pet.
Random - Well ... good luck!
Rip - Die dead all without exiting the game.
Stuntman - survive a dangerous fall by landing on a high
Suicidal Tendencies - Get out of a total death count of 1000 tears.
Surfing - Surf on objects moving about 25 meters without
touch the ground and land safely.
Tabula Rasa - Tabula Rasa Finish completely die.
Time Challenge Chapter One - Chapter One Beat the marathon in less than 5 minutes.
Time Challenge Chapter III - Chapter Three Beat marathon in less than 25 minutes.
Time Challenge Chapter Two - Beat Chapter Two marathon in less than 20 minutes.