Ancient Domains of Mystery - PC Cheat


Keep the character:

Save and exit the game. Locate the backup file for your game player,
named in the format . svg in the "File savedg. Copy
charged to the Windows desktop and the game. If done correctly,
you should have a copy of the file saved on your desk and
in the "File savedg. The office is the backup and
be copied to the "savedg file after your death, to continue
the game. Note: Update the backup often.

Duplicate items:

Go into the village and drop the items you want to duplicate. Let
the hamlet and exit the game Look in the folder and go adom_dat
in the "temp dat file. There will be two files. Copy
to another folder and then resume the game back in the hamlet.
Once there, your questions and leave again. Copy temporary files back
in the source directory (answer "Yes" to overwrite). Then,
go back into the village and the items will be on again.
You can also transfer items to other characters by doing this.

Restoration of character:
When you die, if you have previously registered, the game that removes backup file to
you can not restore. When you save a game, go to "File adom_dat
then enter the saved games. Copy your backup file to another folder.
At your death, the file in the original file is destroyed, but not
another. Copy it to the original folder and continue
from where you left off.

Locate self when blind:

If you are blind, make sure you have some kind of missile
equipped (if you do not have a missile weapon, you can just put anything
slot in the missile), and press' t '. Your space will be highlighted.