Crossfire Best


Crossfire Cheat Ghost mode:
1.Turn your range to 100% (This will help you see ghosts better).
2.Use headphones (can help to hear ghost breathing much better, therfore
enabeling see ghosts when they should be in place)
3.Have fast weapon (a ghost is just to kill'em .. fast!
Using SMGS as ultrasound, MP7, MP5, or P90).
Working with nub Ghost
Problem 1. Noob ghosts usually stand still and wait for people to pass,
then blow.
Solution: Take your run than a circle while a knife (in this
areas ghosts would hide, such as angles). When the ghost is to keep
jumping back and switch to a gun and kill him.
Note: Noob Ghosts may charge they jump VERY-EASY KILL
Using Advanced Ghosts
Problem: Advanced Ghosts know how to maneuver during the attack
Solution: When Advanced Spirit fall upon you he will jump .. much!
(SO annoying) to fight him you have to play together to try to jump as
Dont waste a good 20-40 balls 1 apparition-spray when they jump and burst
Where they work.