Zwinky Game Tricks Here


Unlock Costumes:
To unlock your locker, click on something that has a lock on the PES and Ctrl
and N at the same time. Another is, if you press F5 and is unlocked! Or,
if you want to be good, then only receive 2,000 achiviements.
The Secret Life Conservative Password:
In Zwinktopia page, if you click Conservative life you realize that you need a
password to enter. So here is the key! The password is "zafety"
How to climb the walls:
Hold down the left mouse button where you want it to go (a wall) and press
Tab twice and then go and go there, if it doesn't work, just press
tab once or three times or four times, depending on the computer and the room.
Unlocking pets, shirts and pants for Zwinkys:
You have to win Campus Dash 3 times to unlock these gifts for your wardrobe, then
you can have more fun dressing your Zwinky.
Double things:
Double-click it then cv SPME and other type 1 appears.
Hide your Zwinky:
If you want to hide your Zwinky at your desktop, press Restore, then click
Zwinky on your foot and drag down. Click the Tab twice and then press ENTER.
This way your Zwinky will be under the desk. Now you can maximize the screen if
who would like to.