Xenimus Game Tricks

Instant maximum level:
When his first start, using the "city Reappearance" trick until it begins to
in Semel (T1). Talk to the arms dealer (farthest to the right top).
I say "Hello", "Fine", "Yes", then "Yes". Then follow the path down out
of the city to another city. Talk to the merchant first, and then kill
a monster. You reached level 2 immediately.
Unlimited Gold:
Start a new character (a female wizard works best). Sell all items
that come with the character. Go to where all of level 1 of the train and steal
Articles as they die. Sell these items and repeat the process. When
ready to exchange gold, go to a secret location, as the cemetery
City 3. Get both characters in the same place.
Drop the gold with a quickly the session and log in as another character
take the money.
Reappearance City:
If you want your character to be in a city you want, as Aridus (T7) or
Tertherius (T3), eliminating rework and maintain that character to get there
the desired city.