Super Stacker 2


Random mode:
Complete the game.
Level 19:
Just remember that the blocks of the stack
the edge of the beams so that it can adapt to both heads of each.
Level 20
Place the two balls with a space between them. Then the stick in the upper flat
After making it all the way for all the marbles. Purple Place
squares between each ball in the levels starting with the background.
Level 21:
You need a starting random order. 270x30 block and one 30x300
vertical block should be available very quickly, the green triangle
should not be available until you have placed a block of 30x300; should
be a little blue block after block placement and a pair of 270x30
small circles. Reset if these rules do not apply. Then you have to do
as follows: Place the long horizontal 270x30 block to form a basis of
for the solution, place a long vertical 30x300 block to form a "wall"
for example, placing it in the right side support. The solution is something
like a giant bookstore. The large green triangle going up the vertical
block so that the vertical block resists the force of the circles
half will be added to the library. On the left, the use of blue blocks
and the remaining vertical block to form the left wall of the library. (Be
careful not to tilt the base of the library!) Stack circles
medium; try to use as shelves fine gray blocks, ensuring that the
circles weight is transferred down into the base and not
sideways on the walls (and instead to divide the circle into clean
horizontal rows).
Level 26:
Just the two circles on the side, balancing on each other, then
put a block on the base, a block midway on top of it (so that
is stick the block, nearly half, but not so much that you fall.)
Next, place another block on top, near the center of the tower, then
Introducing the last block, which is like:
. _ | 3 | _
. | 2 | 4 |. 0
.. | 1 | .. 0
(. 'S for proper spacing ...)
Level 36:
With the bottom two circles, one has to jam 2 spaces between them,
but make sure the top is flat and the stack of all others in the top.
Level 40:
* Put your foot for the first time in the upper right circle corresponding to the left.
* Put the 2nd on the right side of the horizontal piece now.
* Put a ball in the upper right corner so it leans toward the side to give a little
of an angle and continue to add balance balls out to get a triangle.
* Put the triangle on the left.
* Put the triangle next above it.
* Keep filling until it is done!.