Stronghold Legends

Aurthor of the campaign:
First you must battle your way through warlords to reach Sir Saxon
Once Bedievere him back to his castle there to protect his castle
because warlords picta Saxon Warriors have hired boat to his castle Assult
They come from the sea While you're doing this you are waiting
Merlin returned from Ireland, then you should with the help of Sir Bedievere
Merlin and you must destroy the Saxon fortress around the stone circle.
Once done you should build Camelot, whereas the attack of the Saxons
Its really easy, but you must complete before Guenivere Lady arrives.
Easy money:
In the beginning of a scenario that is required to create a reserve
no cost.
After generating the necessary barn can delete the reservation
for gold, then build another one for free. Repeat this for quick money.
You can use this trick to make their buildings before their time.
Just use the trick, creating a market and just buy the raw materials needed
to purchase buildings and units. Note: The materials in the reserve
disappear if you delete the building. Take advantage of pausing the game.
Defenses and units will be waiting long before the enemy has an opportunity to
How Gold:
After making your reservation and his barn only eliminate stockpiles of
and you get the gold to another free of charge down to continue
evuentually need to put the materials in the reserve but thats how come
gold quickly. Once you have great amount of gold that may have its defenses before
your enemy has time to blink.
When you are playing in Arthur and Dragon Island, put a fence
camp at the castle and make two Enchanted Orbs. Put them on the bridge
and make the end of the bridge attack. Any enemy running through the
bridge will be murdered. Be careful because this will also kill their units. If
needed, have to stop and then run through his army.
Quick Weapons:
The quick way is first, you must have wood coming in quickly and their
rationing should be put twice. You need your taxes high or higher.
Then put a lot of weapons manufacturers (eg poleturner blacksmith, ...). With much
wood and gold can be obtained quickly without buying weapons and the loss of a
much gold.
Go Dragons:
First get a round table. Secondly remove the panel and do another. Thirdly obtain
a dragon and time to limata haveing a dragon is gone!