Silver game

General Tips
For a quick change of success, 1,2,3 to highlight characters 1 always highlights David, 2
and 3 highlight whoever they chose as their 2 and 3 of character.
Highlights all of them active character is the last you choosed.
To make your men are better in the fight against them, then highlight all ctrl-click
its objective. Thus it would no longer and vuln. to attack.
For a quick change of use of weapons 7,8,9,0.
7: last used sword
8: last orb / magical weapon used
9: projectile weapon last used
0: last shield used
Using this method you can have someone as versatile as David has
both a spell and a weapon at the same time. That is, change its
of arms to the ice field, walk into your next room. Ask him to use the
the attack from a distance and then quickly hit 7.0 for close-range combat.
This works well with Sekun use near 7.0 and 9 long
Special Attacks
Unlike most items, special attacks are NOT shared between characters ( "mana wise"
at least). When you take a special move each character has access to it and,
each character can use the same time.Which means that if you have the falcon
and his spell against a boss you can be sure that each character is used as
his special move and as soon as you use it you can change characters and
use them. Special also move regenerate themselves as magic weapons. You
Use all special moves for either of them regenerate. To use a special
CTRL and then move the left mouse button and do not move the mouse in any
address. In a second will be held the special move. Also
special attacks with magical orbs. Select one of the magical orbs
and press A. This attack is very powerful and has a large coverage area,
However, also used a lot more mana that a regular magic attack. His character
will perform different attack base on the level of magic.
Magic (Orb) Levels
F1 changes the level of the current orbit of 1
F2 changes the level of the current orbit 2
F3 changes the level of the current orbit to 3
F5 changes the level of a spell icon x1
F6 change the level of spell icon x3
F7 changes the level of the spell icon to X5
F8 changes the icon of the spell level to infinity