Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon
Lots of money:
first type in / level999, then get as much as u can hold, then
Type / level1 then up the stairs, now go to the store thats over now,
then sell all items you will say bout level999 or 126,457 gold only 1 point.
Dark Overlord:
How to Unlock
Range of sound - charlieprince found in any chat room 45 or 1
Recommendation - find and destroy a clan randome in the chat room 99
a Mr. Frost - go to the place of frost
a guard of water - your station is under the bridge, if you get it
a guard at the castle - the best range you can get in a war
Teleport to write these codes:
/ Teleport1 is sherwood castle
/ Teleport2 is delighted to Palm Island
/ Teleport3 is Frost Bite Island
/ Teleport4 water is the island
/ Teleport5 is old Sherwood
/ Join1 chat room leads to 1, change the number to just under 100 to go to that chat room
/ Level1 is the dungeon level 1. completley change the number of
different dungeon. Note: You must enter a number not exceeding
their level of dungeons when acsessing.
Works Dancing:
Dancing with the ring of 100% healing, while in battle with a shield in a
The hand and a weapon of power on the other side, and your healing time is doubled.
If you use the amulet of speed while doing this, your healing time will be 10
Dungeon walls:
G to a dungeon (any of them!) And this is not a code but excatly if you scroll down while wlaking against a wall or can go through it!
Talk to ladymarian
How to Unlock
enemy characters - / ROI
levels - / breast
walktrough - / pope
potion - / kuya
Articles - / Jerome
Dragons - / ako
Bounce - / Wanwen
glitch - / ninyo
Quick Sand:
4 quicksand going until the end of the island, then going to prevent movement Go Back 2 steps. Ford and sink after sink man.