Road Rash, Play Great Racing Games


No cars:
CAR (folder) in the data (folder) will change its name to some other name, for example,
buses. The conclusion is that there will be no cars in the game during play.
First, make a backup of files in the folder Roadrash.
then go to: *: \ Roadrash \ DATA \ bicyclists and delete files named
and then run the Game.Select any topic of their choice, you will see
only buildings (city'track in'The);
only mountains, trees and roads (in 'Peninsula theme');
only grasslands (in Napa Valley);
only mountains and snow (in Sieraa Nevade);
only water and trees (on the Pacific Highway)
When playing a game type xyzzy only the first or be a problem after writing
spoon type xyzzy (shift +1) and you will see the red circles on your screen is n-type
running at high speed and if you see a police man in his bribery type screen and then enter.
To go to a very large speed:
Speed of the press is "the only way to get inthe first race of the eruption path of the game having fun
bykes doubled with "fellow foooolish you can use this type of major and far fewer partners.