Rail Of War , Exotic Game

Off the enemies of the earth:
Go to screen railway construction where you set up the train and equip with weapons. Be sure to include more automatic
weapons such as rocket launchers (including 3-4 of them) and railrockets (1 or 2 of them). No
press start yet. Now, press Alt + Tab to switch to other Windows applications. Work on
Applications for a moment, and use Alt + Tab to switch back to the train of war game. Then start
game (after the construction of train).
You'll find that most land has no enemies. All tanks and bulldozers have left (there
Some were, however, is why you still need railrockets). You only have to destroy air units.
There is a catch though: you can not shoot manually. That's why you need to have rocket launchers
care of air units to you and you need to destroy railrockets ground units.
Hold 122, everything you can unlock and have unlimited cash and unlimited health.