Hard Truck - Apocalypse, Great RPG Game


Hard Truck - Apocalypse Cheats:
create a shortcut for hta.exe
open the shortcut properties and add-console after the finish line
when you start the game using the shortcut you can type in multiple
codes in the console "~"
open the console by pressing "~"
giveall () - 10,000 coins, HP and fuel.
(givemoney N) - Get indicated amount of money
truck (N) - Spawn indicated truck
Teleport () - Teleport to the location indicated
God (1) - Activate God mode (must be re-activated when entering the new area)
God (0) - Toggle God mode (must be re-activated when entering the new area)
giveguns () - Spawn indicated pistol
() - Map full map
The trucks and weapons:
To use the truck or booby traps just open the console and use numbers like this:
eh trucks (12) will give you a Peacekeeper truck
Easy money:
This procedure involves editing a game file create a backup
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "currentmap.xml"
in the file "\ \ Hard Truck Apocalypse Buka \ Data \ Profiles \ \ saves \ xxxxxxxx \ maps"
directory. Look for the "Money =" line and replace its value with a phone number