Google Earth,,Flight Simulator Game

Flight Simulator:
Press [CTRT] + [Alt] + A in Google Earth v4.2 and above to start a secret
flight simulator that makes the most of Google's extensive satellite
images. The flight controls are as follows.
Key Result
Increase thrust - [Page Up]
Reduce thrust - [Page Down]
Aileron left - [Left Arrow]
Aileron right - [Right Arrow]
Promote Elevator - [up]
Lift tire - [Down Arrow]
Rudder left - [Keypad Insert] or [Shift] + [Left]
Rudder right - [Keypad Enter] or [Shift] + [Right]
Elevator trim nose - [Home]
Lift a nose - [End]
Reduce flap setting - [Shift] + F
Increase flap setting - F
Center aileron and rudder - C
The landing gear lever - G
Left wheel brake - [comma]
Right wheel brake - [Period]
Pause simulation - [Space]
Toggle HUD - H