Feeding Frenzy 2

Between some levels, it is scheduled sessions where you can save time
bonuses. These sessions give you a minute in which to eat all the 100 bugs,
fish, or what is offered. Just get the bonus, however, if you eat all
100. If you see a clock floating around, grab.
Add 3 seconds at a time.
Starfish bubbles:
These give you extra points, but do not help you grow.
Biting a barracuda's tail 4 times to be reduced. Once you reduce it,
you can eat but be careful.
Jump out of water:
As you advance in levels, you will be able to jump from the
water and eat flying insects. (HINT: You get extra points for a swarm.) You can
get style points for doing cartwheels in the air, but if he falls ill (belly
flop), you'll be surprised for a couple of seconds.
The mushrooms are released when the attacker struck a bomb near
You can reduce the pelicans to eat a mushroom right as pelican flies
above. Reducing the pelican, you can eat.
Grab these guys! Each is worth an extra life.
Food Bank:
You can unlock 6 different screen savers under water by building points in their
food bank. You get 1 point for each fish you eat, if you beat the level.
If you complete a level without dying, a mermaid appears and fall of sea stars
bubbles. You will not have much time to take them, however, because the level is over.
HINT: She will come on the side where he ate a fish.
Feeding Frenzy:
Get a frenzy of eating fish quickly. When the frenzy meter is full,
you get double points for each fish you eat. If you fill the meter two
Sometimes you get a double bonus frenzy. When you have a double frenzy bonus,
all the fish you eat is worth triple points. If you eat a bonus bubble when 2x
you have a frenzy of double, you get 6 times the original value of the fish.
Extra lives:
You earn an extra life for 6,000 points, 12,000 points, then every 12,000
points after that.
Screen Savers:
Six of underwater screen can be unlocked by building points in food
bank. You will earn one point for each fish you eat when you complete a level.
Eat fish smaller than you and avoid larger fish. A predator is larger
and you will eat. You lose a life when eaten. For more great, eating
smaller fish. Your fish will say "Yummy" when they have grown. For more points,
bite the tails off of larger fish or eat an entire school of fish.
Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown Bugs:
After obtaining sufficient levels you will be able to jump out of water and eating
flying bugs. For extra points, eat a whole swarm. You can also earn style
points by flipping in the air. Be careful because you'll get surprised if the land
incorrectly and become vulnerable to predators.
The Intruder:
Complete the story mode (there will be an announcement that "The Intruder"
is available for reproduction).
How to defeat the intruders:
* Bite your antenna to get their attention. (After defeating Goliath (large
white shark) that have the ability to suck. Therefore, do not approach your forehead).
* To attract a mine nearby sea.
He was dizzy and release of bubbles of mushrooms. Eat!
Is drain your health. Repeat.
* After 4 or 5 reps, which shrinks your character and pursue him.
Battle is over.
Eat a pelican:
To eat the pelican flying over the sea or the pelican that lead to eating fish,
bubble eating a mushroom, when a pelican is flying over the sea. That's all be reduced
that's bigger than you, including the pelican. Jump out from the water to catch (and
eating) your bird tasty.