Faery Tale Adventure 2

Faery Tale Adventure Cheat Codes:
Look for the "promo" directory on the installation CD. Copy saved games
this directory to the saved game directory on your hard disk. Start the game and
Use the "burden" of selection in the options menu to load the "Hatake" saved games
file. Immediately save the game as a new file, since overwriting the "Hatake"
file will crash the game. Note: Although the other game save files permit
game that started at various points, the "Hatake" file has additional bonuses.
* When the game of "Hatake file, all characters have full
attributes mithril armor and weapons. In addition, Julian has the Tour
Guide "and" Blender "special items in the inventory. The" Tour Guide "which allows travel in
play anywhere. The "Blender" allows the attributes, skills and mana to be
Note: To start the game from the start with the cheat mode active, use the "Tour
Guide to travel to Wildevarr / Padavis / s. Riddenbutter '
Moreover, all the rolls can be sold for extra gold because all spells
Already been learned.
Properties of the element of magic:
By equipping anything special in the game, all we see is a small icon added
your gamer picture, very difficult to know what they actually do.
Here are the properties:
Amethyst Ring - Immunity to acid / Violet Magic
Emerald Crown - Immunity mental damage
Gold Ring - Resist Fire / Yellow Magic
Jade Necklace - Resist Poison / Green Magic
Ruby Ring - withstand heat / Red Magic
Emulating Ruby - Immunity to Fire / Yellow Magic & Immunity heat / Red Magic
Sapphire Ring - Immunity to Cold / Blue Magic
Sapphire Talisman - Immunity to Cold / Blue Magic
Wooden Ring - Immunity to Poison / Green Magic
Gold Bracelet - Nothing
Medallion - Nothing
Snow Parka - Resist Cold / Blue Magic
Woven Grass Jerkin - Resist Poison / Green Magic & Resist Lightning / Orange Magic
Mithril Chain Shirt - Roza resist damage
Dragonskin Boots - Resist Fire / Yellow Magic and resist heat / Red Magic
"Freezing" - Immunity to Cold / Blue Magic
Ultimate Cheat:
Give an oil lamp (you can find at the Inn) to Birket (Padavis), which will
that staff Ugh. (This is why most people knew) Dale Personnel
UF, will give you the Ultimate cheat. Give the Ultimate Cheat, and
get 2 chests containing:
* Tour Guide - go to any part of the game.
* Staff ugh - I have no idea what it does, except for leaving the game.
* Trademark Sting Ray - Restores all at full health.
* Juicer - Max Health, Skills and Mana.
* Nexus Cube - Go to the obelisks in the game.
* Pandora's Box - Create a monster.
* Fish Dungeon - Go to a cave and dungeon in the game.
* Ultimate Cheat - This device has 3 main options:
1.Juice Jam n '- All items Adamantium, Skills Max, Max Health.
2.Goodies - Making Bomb Box, Make Potion Box, Bag making magic, Make special weapon
Tricks, Special Brand of armor in the chest, Make Goodies Box, Brand Bag number, Special Brand
Tools (More articles cool tricks), transfer of Golden Apples, Tapstones of transfer and
Get all spells.
3.Video - View all videos.