Devil May Cry 3 SE

Difficulty Easy:
Intentionally fail a mission under the normal difficulty setting three to five times.
A message appears indicating that unlocked the easy difficulty level.
God mode:
Dmc3se.exe open (usually "C: \ Program Files \ CAPCOM \ Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition")
with a hex editor and goto offset 1952C5. Then replace 74 (data on the site)
75. Save and exit. Now, when you are playing DMC3 you are not damaged.
Bloody Palace Mode:
Complete the game on any difficulty.
Dante Must Die Mode:
Complete the game as Dante or Vergil on the hard difficulty.
Super Dante:
Complete the game on Dante Must Die difficulty to unlock
Super Dante as a character. He has an unlimited Devil Trigger.
Vergil story mode:
Complete the game on any difficulty.
How to pass the chamber of intelligence:
First, just understand the puzzle (it's actually a puzzle) from the camera of intelligence.
You must go through the doors: 4,2,3, in that order .... then the prize is the Artemis.
Alternate ending sequence:
Defeat at least 100 opponents as Dante during the credits.