X3 - Terran Conflict Game

Galaxy Publisher:
When you start a new game, you can rename the pilot for "Makeanapplepiefromscratch.
Note that this trick is case sensitive so be careful to M. If you did everything right The name of the driver must reset your deafult to confirm correct cheat entry.
Leave the game and reach the main menu. What is at stake again all the way until
On there now Galaxy Editor
easy Credits:
Note: This is only for those who started to play as a Terran. There is not much
Fighting in the Terran sectors. After receiving the mission to follow some of the pirates
and explore its base off the tracking system for this mission.
You warnings that many stations have a red target (the missions that are killed
patrol or protect). Because you do not have a good boat, but it's better than you
accept assignments only to protect the stations. In addition to a prize, you get a bonus
for each death. It may also be another advantage for you - some of the vessels could
For abandoned. This gives the opportunity to reclaim abandoned ship and sell,
or keep the boat if desired, then update it and make it as a wing man to help
most difficult missions that give you even more money. Note: Other ships in the sectors also
help sometimes. The Terran mission will not end because there is no time
limit. Fly around and search missions in the areas you need to protect a
station. Do this whenever you want, and save the game after each mission.