Wonderland Adventures


Press [Ctrl] + "5" and
[F12] (in the box not the normal numeric keypad). This jump adventure.
Gloves of responsibilities:
Gloves contain powers, each power is different.
Purple: 'Blink' will transport you to the tile selected.
Yellow Pop Hits' buttons and bring teleport without standing on them!
Burr "Blue" water freezes and some objects temporarily.
Green: I forgot his name but grows plants that are a hindrance.
Orange: I forgot his name too, but it allows the use of fireballs.
Site Guide:
WonderTown - the main city. It's where many characters and Morklin Live.
Also where the Orange and Indigo Fragments.
Mushroom Grove - In case of fungi grow well where the Red Shard.
Foggy Mountain - where the Blue Shard. BRR also where you learn.
The ruins of the Temple - where the Rainbow Pool. The wonders of the ancient temple.
Forbidden Forest - where the Green Shard. This site also includes a
City, Lonely Forest and The Top End.
The Wasteland - where is the Yellow Shard. It is also home to the shade Stinkers.
The Void - where the Purple Shard. THE lived Where the blocs. Now living in WonderTown.
Forbidden Forest Green snippet:
First, make sure you have these pieces: the use of orange, indigo, red and red blue.Then
fragment to make their way to finish the wood. Travel north and you'll enter the city.
Continue north and you enter the forbidden forest. From there, must be resolved in
at least 4 puzzles (the other two are used to collect some valuable items) and take 4
keys to his solitary way to the summit. Once a solitary peak, 4 puzzles has
Determined to make his way to the green piece .
Magic Powers:
There are six in the series but only 3 Power Wonderland Powers can be used in WA
- Blink is like xyzzy
- Pop, you can press anywhere
- BRR is to make ice floating on the water
There are 3 more power than there are in WA MOFI
- Grow, grow the plants to stop the conveyor and press button
- Prisoners of War, destroy monsters
- Floing, Brand Bubble missiles and stop for a few seconds and move along its trajectory
If you are super glued to a level such as "Lazy Leaf Race" (located at the bottom right
key corner in place of stars mushrooms, talk to the smelly.) Press [Ctrl] and 5
[F12] at the same time. If Im correct you need a screen will appear telling you
have completed the adventure.
Fragments of guides:
This is where you have the fragment:
Orange Shard - To the front of the windmill.
Indigo - Temple Morklin to WonderTown.
Red Fin - For the forest.
Blue - For Crystal Lake, near the mountains with fog.
Green - the desert.
Yellow - the forest mushrooms.
Purple - the lone top.