Bully - Scholarship Edition


How to Unlock Green Ninja Costume: Spray the Nerd (Algernon Best) Use of Fire Extinguisher
spray in children dorm.keep him to "Unlocked Secret."
(When you spray it, do not move or run.Stay instead)
Cheat Codes:
Press [Alt] + [Tab] during game to display console
window. Type one of the following codes then press [Enter].
Effect Code
iskelof - the maximum health
erasfg - All Weapons
vwihdg - Never caught
ersgjr - Super punches
dfqsbr - Everyone has fireworks
palsgz - Friends with everyone
dfglaf - Getting any girl
lalazr [1 / 10] - Vehicles
Free Manga Cola
If you have $ 50, go to the machine in front of the Tail Manga Bullworth Academy.
Buy Manga Tails until the message "Unlocked Secret." Now you can
Beam Cola purchase for free.
Easy implementation:
The rubber ball is useful in the Smash It Up mission. Go to store
with Zoe. Consultation launch mission of a few on the ground and then climb high
to launch the rubber band everywhere. If done correctly completed
mission on your first attempt.
Bonus Items:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the bonus point.
Black ninja suit - Take a photo of all students to Bullworth your yearbook.
Black skate shoes - Run 50km walk.
BMX helmet Champion - Complete all bike races.
Boxing Outfit - Win 'Boxing Challenge or Prep Challenge in Chapter 2.
Helmet - Win first game of go-kart racing.
Double Carnival Tickets - Assemble all G & G cards.
Barret Duncan - Turn all the showers in the boys' locker room.
Edna Mask - Bankruptcy graves of all nineteen of Halloween.
Fast Food - Burger joint mission ends in Bullworth Val.
El Sombrero de fireman - Pull the fire alarm twenty times.
Gnome Costume - Bankruptcy of all garden gnomes.
Gold Dress - Buy all clothes.
Grotto Master - Collect together all G & G cards.
Orderly uniform - Complete "Finding Johnny Vincent" in Chapter 5.
Prison Uniform - Complete all the detention mini-games.
Pumpkin Head - Smash all twenty-pumpkins pumpkins for Halloween or all of
the basement.
Red Ninja Costume - Full Big Prank "on Halloween at Bullworth Academy.
Robber Mask - box office smash in fifteen years without being caught.
Rubber Ball - Collect all rubber bands.
Dress of the school mascot - Complete "Nice Outfit" in Chapter 4.
Spandex bike shorts - Bicycling 100 km.
Tiny swimsuit - Find the Preppie with a blue mission on the beach the beach
the house and beat his swimming time.
The class of English: Words:
Note: Some words may be absent.
Session 1: Mellow, MOW, MEW, LOW, alas, OWL, ELM, due ploriquejar, well, Meow, MOLL, MOLE.
FIST, sigh, ponds, GIST, HIS, FITS, FIT, SIT, ITS, IFS.
SMILES Session 3:, SMILE, MILES, MILES, earthquake, islands, ISLE, LEIS, MISE, SEMI, elms, ELM,
MISS, LIES, LIE, MIL, leagues, CAL, Messi, less slim, slim, limos, limo, LEI.
Session 4: crayons, firaire, race, ACORN, spinning, NARC, Roan, companion, spicy Narya, Cony, ARC
OHR, cyan, CAR, RAY, CAY, skull, CRY, NOR, NAY, Coy, WITH CORN, CAN, RAN, ANY.
Session 5: dagger, ragged, GAGE, Egadas, Dreg, Drag, DEAR, DARE, AGE, age, grade, RED, RAG,
GAR, RAD, GAD, GAG, egg, ERA, DAG, ear, are, arts, GRAD, devastation, anger, Lea, Agger.