Bookworm Deluxe


Bookworm Deluxe Cheat Codes:
No new pictures of fire:
In trying to remove pictures of fire, try to write the letters in words only
any column (vertical). You can delete pictures of fire or other new
Tips Of Sands:
* Save time by pressing the "1", "2" or "3" keys for potions.
* Save time by hitting the "4" or "Enter" on your keyboard to attack;
clicking the "Enter" below the grid takes a long time.
* When you're spell any word, try to find a word in tables remaining, so
ready to explain as soon as possible.
* No waiting to attack animation to finish before spelling Lex
another word for jumping enemies spelling of the next word as Lex is
carry out their attack.
* Do not be afraid to use the Scramble button if you hit a word. That
It just takes a few seconds for which a penalty is less than in the Adventure mode,
and is absolutely beats watching a network card without ideas.
* Although you should try experimenting with treasures, defensive treasures
to resist electric shocks, poison and power are particularly effective in Down Arena
Special codes:
Type code in the main menu to view animation special.
Type it again to restart it:
"winter" - snow falling (holiday season)
"Seattle" - rain, coffee cup (general purpose)
"Lovely" - circle of hearts (Mother's Day, Valentine's Day)
"swallowing" - Turkey feathers (Thanksgiving)
"hold" - Party Favors (New Year's Day, Independence Day, birthdays, misc.)

Secret Easter eggs:
The Book of Knowledge (TOK) tracked several secrets Easter
eggs to discover:
* Click on the enemies Tom knowledge to make them was immutar.
* Click TOK enemy continuously until you die.
* Click on the tickets enemies "attack on tradition TOK make them perform the attack.
* Equal to # 1 but for Arena mode stats screen
* Same as # 2 but for Arena mode stats screen
* Click on Lex in Adventure or Arena mode to make him laugh.
* Click repeatedly on Lex in Adventure or Arena how to do sneeze.
* Click repeatedly on Lex in Adventure or Arena how to rotate.
* Spell "Brain Challenge" in Adventure or Arena mode for a special surprise.