Blue Ice Game


Blue Ice Suggestions:
This game does not follow the rules,
So although it may seem strange to this.
However, unless you go.
Watch carefully when the red hand ... you know
will need to do something at a later stage.
More importantly, when the arrow was red, you know?
found the entrance to one of the many rooms ... now
just went.
The moon cut the plants you need the cane
pond for clarinet in the music room, from the Yerba Mate
plant in the garden first, and the lavender plant and
plant needed to paint in the second garden.
You should keep returning to the rooms, they all interact
each other. Elements of a room will only be useful
in another room, etc.
Several books on the shelves of the library will change when you
are in liquid form, powder, an insect or a leaf. Depending
on what kind of issue, you have the description for example, change
liquids in the book are descriptions of water, wine,
lavender water etc., we refer to these books in search of clues.