Spiderman game


Comic book sites
Book Level Location
1 Bank Approach On top of the building of the Fantastic Four.
2 Situation hostage under the presidency of the cubicle. The cubicle is located on the second
half the level.
3 defuse the bomb! After freeing the hostages, return to the hallway just before the first
door security.
4 Race To The Bugle When the game cuts to the FMV of the two henchmen, you can find the
cartoons on the right side of the large building.

Top Blogs

5 Spidey vs. Scorpion After destroying all the furniture in the room, the comic
appear in the middle.
6 Police Chopper Chase in the last building, look behind the box on the right front.
7 Building Top Chase Inside the Goblin Crane Lair.
8 Scale of beams On the left side of the building on the ledge.
9 eluded police building with skylights that is destroyed has the comic.
Shoot the broken glass. It will be located behind the class.
10 Spidey vs. Rhino After destroying every barrel in the level you can find in the comic
means of electrical towers.
11 Catch Venom Located in the incomplete building.
12 Catch Venom Located on the roof of one building.
13 Spidey vs. Venom Raise the car and put aside. The comic will appear.
14 Sewerage input this comic is located inside the hall first. Hiking to the Grotto and the
then return.
15 Sewer Cavern Behind the waterfall.
Sewage Plant 16 walking down the hall and make your first left, walk to the end.
17 Hidden Switches Press the fourth switch and return to the third switch.
18 Tunnel Crawl Hit the switch in the first box, the comic will be in the second box.
19 The discussion of the Maze lizard the lizard, the comic will appear near.
20 Infest Bugle symbionts in the vent with the hostage.
21 Elevator Descent down the aisle, will be at the bottom left.
Stop the presses 22 Lift and pull the stack of paper is in the second half of the level.
23 Bugle's Basement Shoot all four exhaust pipes. The comic will be revealed when the
left oven explodes.
24 Spidey vs. Mysterio Destroy all of the goal in the first stage, the comic will become
visible on the lower level.
25's Waterfront Warehouse Look in bedroom.
26 versus the store at the end of the level, just before the opening of the opening that leads to the
the next level, you must locate the hidden room behind the grating. It is the last gate
before the end of the level.
Underwater trench 27 in the engine room is a second hidden switch. Back to the
All turrets are (at first level) and access to the secret door.
28 detainees fog in the center column, a small room is on the bottom.
29 Spidey vs. Doc Ock will appear after Doc Ock's shield regenerates the first time.
Only shown for a few seconds, so grab quickly.
30 Spidey vs. carnage in the center of the bubble will appear and disappear and reappear
and then disappear.
31 Spidey vs. Monster-Ock In the first bend in the pipe.
32 Spidey vs. Monster-Ock About 3 / 4 of the way through the level.