Spider Solitaire game

Spider Solitaire Cheat Codes:
Deal for another row:
Press "M" during the game and show a movement
Then press "D" and the game will deal the cards to the
by another row without having to insist.
Earn easy:
Finish a game until the last move and then save it (Ctrl + S). And then Finish and instead
starting a new game by pressing the Ctrl + O and finish the game again and again. Consideration will be given to
each time as a victory!
Early in the game remains: Ctrl 1 2 3 for 5 seconds.
Then u win the game!

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When you're playing a game and feel that is about to lose, just exit
the game. When asked whether to save the game, click Yes, if
It cautions that a saved game already exists and asks if you want to replace
, Click Yes Then start the game again and look at the statistics.
The game just lost was not taken into account! Now you can keep a clean
% record with 100 wins!